Purchasing FAQ

Do you offer discounts?

  • We offer discounts for multi-copy purchases.
  • For the next 6 months, if you purchased version 8.3.18 between September 2017 and April 2018, we will offer free upgrades to students and non-profit researchers and $149/copy upgrades to for-profit organizations. Please email MadonnaExec@gmail.com for more details.

Why did you raise your prices?

This is our first price increase in over 15 years! With the release of version 9.1, we realize that it is not possible to continue to improve the software and provide our users with the best modeling experience possible without a change to our pricing scheme. That said, we are sensitive to the economic situation of students and educators that use Berkeley Madonna, and we did not raise the price of the single copy Education product. 

    How do I purchase and register Berkeley Madonna?

    1. Download and install the Berkeley Madonna software. 
    2. Purchase a license here through our on-line store.
    3. Specify a username for each copy purchased, and a license key will be emailed to you.
    4. Register your downloaded copy to unlock full functionality. 

    Do you offer a VPAT documentation for government agencies?

    • Yes, please download the form here

    Do you offer a networked license key?

    • In the past we have done this, but we are currently not offering a network-based key server.
    • If this is an option that your organization needs, please contact MadonnaExec@gmail.com, and we will work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs.

    What form of payment can I use?

    • You can pay via credit card or electronic wire transfer through our on-line store.

    My organization requires a formal quote.