Purchasing FAQ

Do you offer discounts?

  • All owners of version 9 can upgrade to version 10 for free with their existing license keys.
  • We offer major discounts for multi-copy purchases.

    How do I purchase and register Berkeley Madonna?

    1. Download and install the Berkeley Madonna software. 
    2. Purchase a license here through our on-line store.
    3. Specify a username for each copy purchased, and a license key will be emailed to you.
    4. Register your downloaded copy to unlock full functionality. 

    What if I want to purchase one of your legacy releases?

    • If you desire a 32-bit version for macOS or Windows, complete your purchase for version 10 on-line, and then you can use the license key for version 9. Download version 9 from our Download Page here.
    • If you desire version 8 for Windows only, please contact MadonnaExec@gmail.com with your request.

    What features are disabled in unregistered copies?

    • Saving new or modified models.
    • Copying and exporting tables.
    • Printing graphs and flowcharts.
    • Copying images of graphs and flowcharts.

    Do you offer a VPAT documentation for government agencies?

    • Yes, please download the form for version 10 here and version 8 here

    Do you offer a networked license key?

    • In the past we have done this, but we are currently not offering a network-based key server.
    • If this is an option that your organization needs, please contact MadonnaExec@gmail.com, and we will work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs.

    What form of payment can I use?

    • You can pay via credit card through our on-line store.
    • If you expect to pay with an ACH bank transfer or check, contact us for a formal quote below.

    My organization requires a formal quote.