1. Download Berkeley Madonna 9.1 for macOS

2. Double click the installer and drag the app to your Applications folder.

1. Download Berkeley Madonna 9.1 for Windows

2. Double click the installer and follow the instructions provided.


If you desire the legacy C-based version for Windows, please download Berkeley Madonna 8.3.18 here, and email to arrange purchase of license keys.

Java Installation Instructions

After installing the software provided at the links above, you may have to install legacy Java 6 or Java 8 for macOS or Windows, respectively. Follow these instructions.

macOS. Berkeley Madonna 9.1 currently requires Java 6 for macOS. Berkeley Madonna will take you to the appropriate download page at Apple, or you can download it now from here.

Windows. Please visit the Oracle Java 8 download page here, and download a 32 bit Java installer with a file name ending in windows-i586.exe, for example: jre-8u171-windows-i586.exe. Berkeley Madonna will not work with the 64 bit versions (*-windows-x64.exe) at this time. 

Please note that on both macOS and Windows, the above java versions will not interfere with other Java installations. If you install a 64 bit Java 9 or later, either before or after installing one of the above versions, then all programs capable of using the 64 bit version will do so. In the future we expect to release a version which can always use the latest Java version.