Technical FAQ

Do you provide a User Guide?

Yes, please download a pdf copy here

I can't read old models into Berkeley Madonna 9.1 on Mac.

We use a new file format to store models, and the converter has not yet been incorporated into the macOS version. You have two options:
  1. If you have access to Windows, download the latest Java version and open your old file. It will automatically be converted to the new format and saved in the same directory. You can then use the converted model on macOS.
  2. Send your model to with the subject "Please Convert", and we will do it for you. This may take 2-3 days.

I can't read old models into Berkeley Madonna 9.1 on Windows.

You may see errors when loading version old models in Berkeley Madonna 9.1. To make the file converter work, change the compatibility mode of the executable C:\Program Files (x86)\Berkeley Madonna\\Content\Resources\cmadonnawin\madonnaconvert.exe to Windows 7 or earlier, and set it to run as administrator. If this does not work for you, please send your model to with the subject "Please Convert", and we will do it for you. This may take 2-3 days.

      I have the latest Java - why doesn't Berkeley Madonna 9.1 work?

      Berkeley Madonna 9.1 currently requires Java 6 for macOS. Berkeley Madonna will take you to the appropriate download page at Apple, or you can download it now from here.

      For Windows, please visit the Oracle Java 8 download page here, and download a 32 bit Java installer with a file name ending in windows-i586.exe, for example: jre-8u171-windows-i586.exe. Berkeley Madonna will not work with the 64 bit versions (*-windows-x64.exe) at this time. 

      Please note that on both macOS and Windows, the above java versions will not interfere with other Java installations. If you install a 64 bit Java 9 or later, either before or after installing one of the above versions, then all programs capable of using the 64 bit version will do so. In the future we expect to release a version which can always use the latest Java version.

      I get the Java VM out of memory error.

      On Windows: Open BerkeleyMadonna.ini in Notepad, and add the following text to the end of the file on a new line: vmarg.1=-Xmx1024m This tells Java to use at most 1024 MB of memory. You may experiment with this number to suit your needs. 2048 MB may be the maximum available at this time. To see the effect of this argument on your maximum available memory, select "About..." in the Help menu, select "Memory", and hit the "Information" button.

      On macOS: Using a text editor, open the file /Applications/ Find the line that says: <string>-d32 -Xmx1024m</string> and change 1024m to suit your needs. To see your current maximum available memory, select "About Berkeley Madonna" in the main menu, select "Memory", and then hit the "Information" button.

      The Chemical Reactions Module gives an error at start up on Windows.

      On version 8.3.18. Due to increased security on Windows 10, the reaction module may produce error messages. To avoid this, please change the compatibility mode of C:\Program Files\Macey & Oster\Berkeley Madonna\madonna.exe to Windows 7 or earlier. You may also need to set this program to run in admin mode.

      Are there features missing in version 9?

      There are a few missing features, that we are working hard to build back in. Data sets can now be used as functions on Windows version 9.1.6 and higher, but they are not currently working on macOS. Additionally, the shooting method does not currently work on either platform nor does the oscilloscope function. 

      Warning to macOS users.

      We are working on a transition to 64 bit for macOS and Windows. Until that time, you may see warnings about running 32 bit code on macOS Mojave. Please contact MadonnaExec 'at' gmail 'dot' com to inquire about compatibility before upgrading.